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Cedar Crest Hospital

I began serving in October 2013 as the Cedar Crest Hospital Chaplain. We held a service there in the Military Wing every Sunday morning until April, 2016 when I resigned due to conflicting schedules and travel requirements related to other employment.

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Seder Meal with JFJ

One of our most rewarding events: a Jewish Seder held jointly by Jews for Jesus and FDI. What an amazing blessing it is to celebrate this 'shadow' of a Passover sacrifice eventually fulfilled by our Christ!

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As an Ordained Minister with the International Ministerial Fellowship, I'm able to conduct marriage ceremonies, funeral services, and sacraments such as communion and baptism.

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We've completed our discipleship seminar, which we held in September. Click here for a PDF of the current outline.

Please contact us to schedule any of our several seminars (Finding the End of the World, Discipler Training, or the Discipleship Seminar we plan to present in September).

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Drawing based on one of Ron's lessons

We joined Truth Connect in mid-October to train more than 200 pastors in discipleship and evangelism in Eldoret, Kenya, equipping them to train the followers of Christ in their villages to reach the lost and participate in discipleship. We'll do this again, solo, in February, 2016.

Jesus commanded us to spread the good news of salvation and make disciples. In fact, the funding of these activities was a primary driver for the collection of money in the early Church. Will you help us in our efforts to be obedient by donating for materials and travel expenses?

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One of our core services is one-on-one discipleship, which is critical for learning God's ways and applying them.

Using the First Steps workbook as a tool for guiding our sessions, we help new or renewed 'believers' become 'followers' by building faith, learning to deal with temptation, generating intentional and effective prayer, and internalizing several others foundational topics.

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Drawing based on one of Ron's lessons

We don't always know how our messages of truth and hope affect people - especially in a positive way.

So, it was quite a blessing to receive this drawing made by one of the patients we ministered to recently at Cedar Crest. The artwork was done after hearing about faith, fruit of that faith, and choice.

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